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About Political Peace

In the evolution of humanity, we have reached a moment where Evolution has to shift from Survival Instincts to Growth Instincts. The values and nature of every industry and institution have changed over time, however, fundamentals of the political system have not evolved, and are carrying the genetic impressions of survival instincts.

In order for the current political system to evolve into a representative democratic system, it needs evolution in the fundamental Operational Psychology.

Phuro Innovations has created a unifying platform “Phuro Political Peace” to bring together the future makers of nations to think deeply, contemplate, and evolve certain practices and language of expression which can influence and lead the nations towards a collective effort for Global Peace engrained in realistic & sustainable economic and social development of individual nations.

Phuro Innovations has measured and impacted the 5 Spheres of Peace since 2016. Visit our timeline for a comprehensive view of our impact.



Our Vision


Our Mission

One of a kind platform that is bringing together future makers from different nations to create meaningful dialogue to enable political peace.

Our Values


We are benevolent to the world


We care for humanity


We value collaboration


Promote innovations in government that will improve the lives of citizens


We thrive in inclusiveness


We follow these five values with integrity

Our Objectives

Regional Peace

Phuro Innovations will bring together leaders, from different walks of life, to contemplate and create proposed rules for regional peace.

Global Peace

Phuro Innovations has understood the parameters of the Global Peace Index and aims to jump up in those low rankings for India, variety of those indicators are manifestations drenched in historic hatred or vengeance.

Political Peace

Phuro Innovations wants to Inspire the next generation of politicians by the collective resolve of senior political leadership to negate the inhumane political acts.



A comprehensive research note compiling the “Past Present & Future of Peace”

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Pursuit of Political Peace