Rachna Sharma

Over the Years



  • THE five spheres of Peace started as a debut campaign in Social peace – a philanthropic campaign educating society on peace education in India
  • The Campaign was blessed by Mr Amitabh Kant as its Chief Guest
  • The opening speech was given by the founder Rachna Sharma
  • The World Peace speech was delivered by Suhel Seth
  • An imminent panel spoke and discussed their ideas about maintaining peace in Society.

With the blessings of Param Pujya Swami Chidanand Sarasawti ji, on United Nations Peacekeeping Day with Peace Ambassadors, Lantern Festival was celebrated at multiple locations on same day at same time.

Facilitated class study at IIT Delhi twice

Facilitated class study at Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA), lecture to 44th Batch of IAS



Understanding the need for Mentorship & Coaching, another philanthropic campaign, along with several illustrious national leaders and Harvard alumni touched hundreds of lives in Jammu & Kashmir in collaboration and under a civic action program with the former Director General of Police Mr. SP Vaid.

  • Mentored 35 selected students, free of cost.
  • Analyzed their growth and measured the impact by tracking their careers further under the personal peace sphere.



Phuro Innovations

Founded Phuro Innovations to promote Political Peace

  • Hosted in collaboration with Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs India, an event to maintain peace in the country post the supersession of Article 370 & 35A – Link
  • Founder’s first ever appearance on DD News Channel, sharing her views on Jammu & Kashmir and appealing for peace – Link
  • Researched the political peace sphere supported by case studies on seven poor British Colonies, which received their freedom before or after India’s independence, the reforms and international participation they took to grow their economies and rank higher on indices of peace, with commentary available on – Past, Present and Future of Peace (Available on website for free – Download Here)

2020 - 2022


Phuro Innovations

To make the public aware about Institutional peace, criticized the inactive SAARC. Started Political Peace Dialogue and raised awareness on the benefits of institutions like SAARC if it functions well.

  • Infused with technology during the pandemic, scaled up similar prototypes across the country and South Asia in different designs and processes.
  • Hosted the event on United Nations World Peace Day and proposed an equation of peace via “Venn Diagram of Peace” focussed on India – Sri Lanka economic interdependence. – Link
  • Highlights the Treaties in digital infrastructure, their use, and the need to have more treaties in order for us to continue the peace process in South Asia. Specifically discussed the Indus Water Treaty which took eight years of negotiation with the external help of the World bank.
2023 - 2025


Phuro Innovations

Finally arriving at understanding ecological peace, several technical reports were analyzed before bringing them them in to public awareness

  • Looking at the reports of World Bank, ICIMOD – Hindukush Himalayan Region and IMF dashboard on Climate Change, Phuro Innovations focused on Green Hydrogen, its trailblazers, opportunities and actions required in South Asia. Secured a knowledge partnership with ENELx Advisory to bring the latest knowledge and technology to South Asia. A presentation on Green Hydrogen by Jacobs Engineering was documented. – Link
2026 - 2030

Phuro Innovations

Institutionalize the prototypes, and work with central and state governments on policies.


Our Social Transformations So Far

Transforming Mindsets

From Depression to Hope and Positivity

Economic Interdependence

Used technology to connect the SAARC region and create structured dialogue on economic interdependence in SAARC. Received huge support on the initiative.

Pursuit of Political Peace