Nature runs on the universal cycle of creation and destruction. Humanity has witnessed multiple civilizations being created and automatically being destroyed.

We as biological bodies constantly keep evolving so do our belief systems, ideologies, and consciousness. The destruction here doesn’t mean the end of humanity but leaving behind certain ideologies, belief systems, governing structures and systems which do not cater to the existing or future needs.
Today we are standing at a point of evolution where technological advancements have made the world more connected and transparent than ever. It is much easier today to question the actions of Governments and voice our concerns than ever before through the channels of social technology.
Technology is going to write the next chapter of human civilization as new paradigms will emerge and a new sense of freedom to share and voice ideas will emerge which will lead to the evolution of humanity towards collective consciousness.

In a country of 1.2 billion people where every other person has an individual view of every bill or law passed in Parliament, will it be possible to compassionately listen to everybody irrespective of whether they voted for the winning party or the losing party? The answer is yes, let’s see how!
Till 1900’s every country had their own issues to deal with such as famine, industrialization, education etc hence the old systems were useful…..

But now in 2000’s global issues such as climate change, terrorism, nuclear proliferation have started coming to center stage and with the popularity of social technology, these issues have gained the glance of every person on the planet. The policies of one nation are impacting other nations. World has become much more intra-dependent in terms of policy-making e.g. the Paris Climate Treaty !!

Currently, corruption and scandals have penetrated into the deep roots of democratic systems all over the world. The constitutions based on the democratic structures meant for community consensus have become a power game for political agendas. What we need next is a structure which can deliver to the shared needs of the larger community.

Can you imagine to be able to vote on individual policies instead of political candidates or political parties?
What if there was a way to inspire citizens to participate in the direction of their community, country, and the planet without getting hung up on divisive politics? This might be hard to imagine but it is already possible and it is on the verge of being implemented. Are you ready to help make it happen?

A 25-year entrepreneur Adam Jacoby is working on a technology platform to rebuild technology through the community and movement called Mivote. Along with techie friend Jamie Skella, Mivote is working on developing a blockchain technology to develop a secure digital ballot box that cannot be hacked, wherein results can never be altered, and voter identities are protected. This technology is about to be launched for the use in collective decision making by organizations, political parties, multinational enterprises, global NGOs, communities within developing nations, and beyond. ( Ref – Huffington Post )

Technology and consciousness have a parallel role in developing a goal-oriented democratic systems. We as humans operate out of a complex system of emotions, desires, and beliefs which we are not often able to express because of the lack of channels to express them.

It is based upon the belief systems that we identify with the agenda of a certain party and vote for them, but sometimes our beliefs and ideas are misaligned with the facts.

In order to counter this issue, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology has a major role to play. As information will grow depending upon the reviews of voters based upon the latest peer viewed issues, we will have more concrete goals to address with help of data mining. This allows democracy to be focused on goals and problem-solving instead of policy compromises that come from competing interests and political parties.

Our democracies will strengthen through informed constituencies. Collaboration through compassionate listening will be important tools for the evolution of humankind to the next age of consciousness where bliss, peace, and tranquillity will prevail. Be ready for the change!

Conscious leadership is not about providing any knowledge. It is about removing ignorance to realize self-leadership.