Hope is the way to inner peace. Hope is a state of mind, it is optimistic in nature and optimism flows when you have something to look forward to. That something is not a goal or a cheque, it is beyond that. It is called the purpose. The purpose is the genuine deeper meaning in anyones work. It reflects why they do, what they do. Our state of mind collectively impacts the radiance of a nation. A positive mind emits positive electro-magnetic radiations leading to collective positive effect. And a positive state of mind resides in a purposeful soul. Hence, it is very much important for us to raise youth with positive purposes and give them adequate resources to fulfill their dreams in order to inspire a collective hope of a better life.

Understanding the purpose is essential to becoming a better leader. People who lead with a sense of purpose that is aligned with their values, they take better long term decisions for themselves, their families, communities, and nations. But, this is not as easy as it sounds. Discerning the purpose takes a combination of introspection and real world experiences before they can determine where they want to devote their energies. When they ask themselves what motivates them and if the honest answers are simply power, prestige, and money; they are at a risk of being trapped by external gratification as their source of fulfillment. This never works.

This never works. Why? Simply, one can never have enough money, fame or recognition. When one gives someone else the power to decide if they’re successful (whether it’s the Forbes Richest and most powerful list or an invitation to Davos), one losses. If they allow some external force to define their success, they have essentially abdicated their soul. There is a deep voice inside them that yearns to bring their unique gifts to this world. If they neglect that voice, they will create deep misalignments that eventually will surface. It is important that they are able to define their success indicators for themselves rooted in to balancing their material, social, moral, and spiritual goals. So it is important to find that meaning, what besides money, power, and fame motivates them.

Mostly people’s work makes them totally out of balance of these four virtues and completely disconnected from their values and their purpose. If this disconnect is not addressed on time, it leads to inner conflict and it can become like an insidious cancer that eats at their soul, leading to a world of frustration, disappointment and conflict. This starts reflecting in the collective consciousness of the nation, in terms of frustration, violence, riots, unhealthy & non conducive environment increasing crime rates in the country. In long-run, this lack of purpose leads to burnouts, poor decision-making and even moral derailment.